Theories of Mass Communication and Media Research

The word communication owes it origin to the Latin noun ‘Communis’, which means to share or impart. Communication deals with the sharing of information or feelings. Thus, communication could be broadly categorized into Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication and Written Communication. The process of communication could be categorized into various types – Intrapersonal Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, Group Communication and Mass-Line Communication. Intrapersonal communication is a communicator’s personal communication with oneself. Here the communicator himself is the speaker and the receiver and thus the feedback process happens within the communicator’s mind. Interpersonal Communication is a type of communication which takes place between two or more people. It leads to the exchange of information through verbal or non-verbal communication. Mass Communication is a process of communicating to a large number of masses with the help of Mass Media. T…

Reviewing Films – A Distinct Journalistic Art

Let us get this straight! There is no specific definition for what a film review is. Film review is another term for film appreciation, which is again a technical term to start with. Someone once said that simplicity is the most difficult thing and rightly so. So, let us make an informed choice to keep things simple and move ahead. Film appreciation constitutes analyses and evaluation of films based on multiple cinematic parameters. Before trying to get our hands dirty with film appreciation, it is important to understand that certain sort of backgrounding is absolutely necessary. To start with, we need to read literature from all across the world. Cinema can’t be divorced from literature. We should try and get a basic understanding of film history in order to track the historical development of the medium. Film theories need to be studied in detail with a fundamental understanding of semiotics to get a strong grasp over different kinds of cinema. However, there are still some standar…

Do teachers really exist for Millennials / Digital generation?

Back in 1999, when i was a young college student, i remember, that i had to be ready with my book, pen and sketch book so that i would not miss even a single word of my lecturer who has a habit of entering into the class reciting the problem for the day, which he would never repeat it again. But, today, when i have become a lecturer and with an experience of lecturing nearly about 1000+ students, have realised that, i cannot teach my students the way i have been taught. This creates a fundamental challenge for all the teachers or lecturers globally. Young learners who are either school going or university students, feel that their teachers are not upto their expectation.
Where is the fundamental problem? Why there is a gap between students and teachers…? well on further looking into the situation, these young learners are born with introduction to digital world or the millennial generation, whereas the teachers who are in their mid 30’s or even older, belong to the “Lost Generation”, n…

The Igniting Power of “Internet of Things” in Fashion Retailing

In the web store, fashion retailers are able to track the purchasing preferences of their consumers, as well as how they navigate through the product range, or which articles they are interested in and how long they engage with specific items. All this accumulated data can be evaluated and linked to individual consumer and purchasing profiles. As a result, fashion retailers know their consumers and are able to address them individually according to their requirements. After years of striving to know what consumers actually want, the Internet of Things now provides the opportunity to gain new in-store insights through data generated by smart objects - e.g. RFID labelled garments - and how shoppers interact with them. Fashion Retailers are planning investments in Internet of Things, machine learning/cognitive computing and automation. Orchestrating these diverse technologies to provide a more responsive, real-time consumer experience is the goal retailers want to achieve in the next five…

CSR sector set to grow as society and corporate citizens turn more responsible

The roles of the individual components of society – whether citizens, the State machinery or corporate entities – are evolving as the world progresses towards a more liberal and responsible society.  Corporate entities are now expected to, and, indeed, are, functioning in a more transparent and responsible manner than ever before as the world has come to realize that they are as much “citizens” of society as any person.
Companies may be inanimate legal entities, but they have as much an obligation towards society as any single person.  All over the world, corporations are making greater effort to ensure that their functioning is responsible and that they repay their debt to society in general and to the communities in which they function in particular.  This is being done through the route of Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR.
The concept of CSR is not new and has existed for years.  It was being fulfilled in an informal manner and was often seen as philanthropy.  Not a…


On first thought, public relation seems to be all about strategizing intelligently and communicating effectively. As a field that is largely utilitarian and practice-oriented, public relations don’t automatically get associated with research – both primary and secondary. However, practicing PR professionals would know that a proper publicity plan can never be concocted without having to take recourse to hardcore and extensive research. As they say, research holds the key to an effective communication strategy.  While hackles might be raised, let us try and find out the areas where research could go a long way in raising public relations to a different level altogether: Justifying Your Plan to Your Client: When you present your publicity plan to a client, chances are that your client will bombard you with a barrage of questions. If you have done your homework and have already conducted a thorough research on the subject, it would be a cakewalk convincing the client. A publicity plan enc…


There are immense concerns in the retail sector to grow in India. Still, there are umpteen opportunities at the same time which are working as a catalyst for the growth and development of the Retail sector in India and driving India to be the next retail leader of the Global economy in general and the Asian economy in particular. As any developing economy India has a number of issues related to weakness of currency, unemployment, illiteracy, etc. still we are working a lot as also the governments in India have been instrumental enough to strengthen the economy. Therefore, the resultant effect is that we have a lot of new business coming up in the economy in yester years as also now. This is surely going to boost the retail sector as it is the cyclical effect. The strengthening of economy leads to more of industrialisation, which in turn generates employment and gradually raising the purchasing power of the citizens and rise in demand. To scale up the full circle of the retail industr…