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At the turn off the century, the broadcast industry saw rapid evolution from tape based audio and video to enter the digital era - High Definition video captured on digital camera and encoded through industry standard codecs for viewing on multi platforms – online to mobile phones has became the norm of the broadcast industry
With the explosion of video in every field right from education, to engineering, medical, transport  to tourism  it has become necessary to be abreast with capturing, archiving and  retrieval of digital assets. Multinationals such as Colgate-Palmolive, Bloomberg, The Boeing Company, Nickelodeon, Bose Corporation, CBC, DIRECTV, Proctor&Gamble, Thomson Reuters, and many more are working with DAM/MAM solutions to serve loyal clients. 
RKU understands that DAM has evolved from a niche solution that was primarily designed to help media and publishing firms manage production content to an integral component of a larger technology ecosystem that enables companies to  …

रेडियो मे आकर सवारें अपना भविष्य

हर कोई करियर के क्षेत्र में एकदूसरे से आगे बढना चाहता है। युवाओ के लिये करियर बनाने के लिये कई रास्ते है और वह किसी भी क्षेत्र को चुनकर अपना करियर बना सकता है। हो सकता है कि आपके अंदर भी एक रेडियो जॉकी, क्रिएटिव राइटर, प्रोड्यूसर, मीडिया मैनेजर छिपा हो, बस पहचानें उसे। हाल में एफ एम चैनल्स ने रेडियो की पॉपुलरिटी काफी बढा दी है। यही कारण है कि आज के युवाओ में इससे जुडने का खूब क्रेज देखा जा रहा है। तो आइए जानते हैं रेडियो प्रॉडक्शन में करियर बनाने के अवसर।  Radio Production & Managements पाठक्रम आज युवाओ के लिए काफी उपयोगी है। जो युवा कुछ अलग करना चाहते है अपनी योगता को एक मुकाम देना चाहते है उनके लिए यह पाठक्रम काफी उपयोगी होगा इस पाठक्रम मे Radio Production & Managements की तमाम जानकारिया दी जाती है । Radio Production पाठक्रममे Broadcast Technology, Radio Technology, Radio Programs Production, Voice Recording, Radio Jokey जैसे तमाम तकनीको की जानकारिया दी जाती है। रामोजी क्रियान विश्वविद्यालय ने Radio Production & Managements पाठक्रम की पढ़ाई पूर्ण तक्निकों के साथ हिन्दी माध…

Art of Sound

Audio Art or sound art is a new genre of contemporary art that uses various technological sounds, natural ambience and sounds of our day to day life to create a piece of art. This is an interdisciplinary art form that includes and resorts to many genres of traditional art forms and subjects, like music, acoustic ecology, acousmatic sound (acousmatic sound is a sound that one hears without seeing the originating cause), psychoacoustics as well as painting. The painting, which is inspired by the sound, is also being called sound art nowadays. For example, ‘Frozen’ (5 Days Off MEDIA: Frozen, Wed 2 through Sat 26 July 2008, Melkweg Mediaroom & Paradiso, Amsterdam) was an exhibition that held in Amsterdam in July of 2008 to present sound as a space. [1] As this exhibition was described, “In the Mediaroom at the Melkweg multi-channel sound pieces can be experienced over an advanced speaker setup, accompanied by sound in a "frozen" form: Images and sculptural objects made u…

“Concern be dammed”

Ask anyone who knows the language- especially Hindi - and you will hear him complaining that the TV is butchering it.
The norm for hiring TV anchors/presenters is how much ‘base’ have they got in their voice and how do they ‘look’. In some cases, there may also be reasons for personal preferences which is human and sometimes normal but worse! The professional world is being infected by the unprofessionalism un-mindful of the fact that even the smallest decision of media affects people, society, culture and opinions.
Anyone who wishes to work as an English copywriter or a corporate communicator in India has to necessarily possess a masters degree in the English language. But when it comes to hiring a copywriter or a journalist or a screenwriter in the Hindi language it is enough to say that “I know Hindi because I am from UP, Bihar”. Of course, the language spoken/understood in major parts of the country-especially in UP and Bihar is Hindi but don’t we all know that there is a difference…

Top 10 Reasons to Join RKU Centre for Excellence in Digital & Social Media Marketing & Branding

We are experiencing a mass transition from brick-and-mortar model to a virtual model. Digital education is extremely crucial to understand and excel in this new form of communication and changing consumer preferences.
Courses on Digital and Social Media are commonplace. Many institutions in your state or in your country offer diverse courses on Digital and Social Media. Then why do you need to join the Digital & Social Media Marketing & Branding Course at RKU? Below are the top 10 reasons. 
One, at RKU, we focus on the strategic piece that drives a digi-social campaign. Whether it is SEO, or SEM, or email marketing or mobile marketing, we will train you to appreciate the strategic context of happenings. 
For example, if there is a change in the behavioural pattern of a defined set of audience, before suggesting the tools, you should be able to pinpoint the reason behind it, like an ace marketer. This strategic element is ignored by most digital-social training institutions.    

Journalism: Definition, History & Evolution

What exactly is journalism? There are multiple definitions. While the Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the work of collecting, writing, and publishing news stories and articles in newspapers and magazines or broadcasting them on the radio and television”, the Oxford Dictionary goes a step further by explicating the term as “The activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast”. Did you spot the difference? The difference is in technology. While the Cambridge Dictionary conveniently ignores (forgets to be euphemistic) news on the internet, Oxford dictionary catches the pulse of the moment by mentioning “news websites”. While people might scoff at this discreet categorization citing the politics of words, the fact remains that it has immense journalistic weight. Why and how? Well, may be, you need to wait a little longer and till the end of this chapter for the answer to reveal itself in bits and parts. It would be justic…

Spiderman: Homecoming -The Magic of Disney-Marvel

“With great power there must also come great responsibility”  Films are power and Disney – Marvel seems to live up to the responsibility well.
Let us talk about how some of the films and characters we  have loved so much and those  that  have evolved over the years. Peter Parker from Spiderman: Homecoming strikes a chord in this regard.
Stan Lee wrote the character of Spiderman somewhere in early 60’s and the first Spiderman comic came out in 1962.The original character was a super hero who had self-obsessions with rejection, inadequacy, and loneliness; something the young high school going everyday kid could identify with. The Spiderman of today is a changed person. Not merely a character, but a more real person; as the audience comes very close to the journey of this digital native who still has Aunt May to look after him, a girl he crushes on but finds difficult to speak to. He is smart and above all, a sense of larger purpose, restlessness, righteousness and the willingness to rise a…

Acting on what?

Before Acting out a character the actor needs to become an actor. The training process converts the daily body into the extra - daily, a finely tuned instrument that rivets us with its ‘presence’.
Before the play, comes the rehearsal, and before rehearsing for the play comes the training of the actor. As for any singer or dancer, before the performance comes the rigour of training. Of course there are exceptions, the ‘gifted’, the ones that excelled in acting, learning it on the go as it were, being in the trade.
An actor’s work does not start with the analysis of the character or play, it begins before. It starts by acting on his body and voice. The process is like training in Martial Arts. In Kerala, the children’s bodies are prepared for Kathakali, a dance form and Kalaripayattu, a martial art form in the same way. The flexibility, the dexterity and the surprise moves are exercises that the body is prepared for. The Natyasastra talks of ‘Chari’, various movements that signify charact…

Creativity is a manifestation

Design is everywhere, that’s why You can find it in the finest of organisations to the skin of Dinosaurs. It has many colours and shapes and forms to explain its creation. Now the question is whether we like it or we try to look away from it or completely ignore its existence. But if we carefully look at the patterns of design on the back of a ladybug or on the surface of a limestone, we can find a lot of geometrical forms done so carefully making an illusion between belief and disbelief. 

Even the simplest form of nature holds a touch of design. Just look around and you will find inspiration everywhere in nature as it is considered to be the master creator and probably the most magnificent designer the world has ever had and producing creatives throughout the ages. The Mistry of design lies in the right mixture of colour and tone to spread them on the canvas in right quantity to from absolute patterns, so that whenever it strikes to the visual arena, it must reflect its vivid nature t…