Creative senses need to be nurtured not murdered

Mr. Sayak Pal: Assistant Professor
Centre for Graphics and Social Media Communication Skills
Art is the primitive form of communication and expression as it exists even before the language came into form. History of art is ancient as it reflects anything and everything made by human with a significant visual impact for aesthetical or communicative purpose to express every form of emotion, ideas and thoughts. An artifact can be subject specific or be made out of nothing to justifying the desire of an artist which came as a form of emotion to break down the barrier of dilemma to establish the unidentified objective. A common definition of art can be “something that is created with imagination and skills which is beautiful and expresses important ideas or feeling” –Anonymous, but sometimes the art cannot be defined by a word as it is a form of expression which is only allowed to feel and rejuvenate. Art has many dimensions like fine art, visual art, decorative art, applied art, graphic art, doodling art, crafts, calligraphy, computer art, conceptual art, folk art and many more. The most fascinating factor is that each of these streams are different form one another but collide on an identical zone of dignity and creativity.

Art forms have changed over the years, kind of work could be found in the 16th century is different form the art of today. Over many years the work of different artist reflects their culture, tradition, rituals, customs, nature and each and every possible element around him. The evidence is prominent in all the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, Raphel, and many more artists where we can find the change in subjects and motives throughout the ages.

Probably, the most challenging job of an artist is to make his leaving out of his skills and art forms but with proper guidance and direction, those creative skills can be transformed into industry oriented skills, helping in spreading the art forms among a large number of people across the globe.

Assistant Professor – Sayak has had a short but vivid career in designing with more than three years in corporate designing and nearly two years in education. He has earlier worked with Symbiosis and Amity University. Sayak’s works spread across many areas like digital designing for print, designing for online publications, search engine optimization, designing for corporates and movie posters, cover designing, clothing designing and many more. He has two masters, one in management and the other in mass communication.


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